New Twin

wire, blackwrap, hydrocal, 1⁄2” neodymium blocks, eyelets, gelled light, 2016

New Twin is 192 taut connections strung vertically between floor and ceiling. Each anchored, magnetic unit of the work has a variance in strength, distance, and surface texture. These floating connections produce a replicated “surface” in total. The work sits centered in the gallery space. Additional concerns lie in passing light and the centrality of the work to its room and light sources. As Roy Sorensen defines a shadow to be a gradient of light bodies and their absences, New Twin’s place within a revolving light casts a penumbral plane over its room.¹ Here, an occluded shape takes form–the projection of an escaping mass. The work addresses this oscillation between one and many, and in doing so, locates the viewer against an inexhaustible architecture of wire and pull.

1. Sorensen, Roy A. Seeing Dark Things: The Philosophy of Shadows. New York: Oxford UP, 2008. 72. Print.