Premiere via Look At My Records & Perpetual Doom:


Directed by: Weston Lyon Camera Operators: Walter Diaz, John Reardon Dowd, Weston Lyon Edited by: Mario Luna, Jeremy Bird Color by: Zack Stephen

Director’s Statement:

“I showed up to this Dayton Swim Club performance in Eagle Rock with three cameras looking to intrude on the separation between talent and attendee. The hope was to film a portrait of a working band, capture the office, and flat-out occupy that area of your head where the wavering intonation of rock music totally comes together yet bursts into fugitive sound all the same. Swaying below nightclub glimmer and chalky fog, the members of DSC played a horny set to a scene that was doing absolutely nothing the winter before. These films look to capture that and possibly the sweeter side of their act.”